Note to Customer:  
Bath soaks are to be enjoyed throughout the bath with moderately warm to hot water.  If the water is too hot while tub is filling, the temperature and steam may cause the salts to disperse its beneficial properties prematurely.  Thus, extremely hot water may take away some of the benefits you would usually enjoy during the bath. 
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6.0oz Fizzing Bath Soak $6.50ea
16.0 oz Fragrant Body Wash: Nice lathering body wash has excellent cleansing properties to leave your body feeling clean and refreshed. Rinses off fresh & clean with no residue.  Leaves a wonderful after bath fragrance.
16.0 oz Fragrant Body Wash $6.50ea
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6.0oz Foaming Fizzing Rio Salt Soak: Take the time to create a fun filled bath with our salt soak. Bath Fizzi soak is a combination of salts and other ingredients to 'fizz' in the bath presenting a light (tint) to create an atmosphere of relaxation.
Relax! Enjoy our wonderful vitamin enriched bubble baths, botanical bath soaks and bath poppers.  Bath poppers are incorporated with natures ingredients to soften your bath water and moisturize your skin as you bathe.
8.5 oz Foaming Bath Poppers with grape seed & sweet almond oil:  Drop popper into tub of running water and watch your bath transform into a foaming, relaxing, and calming bath.
8.5 oz Foaming Bath Poppers: 
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6.0 oz Natural Multi Butter Bath Bars with Botanicals & Vitamin E:  
We've combined the wonderful ingredients of Mango, Aloe and Shea Butter, in our soaps to give you the best lathering, botanical bath bar! Bath bars are incorporated with natural butters and botanicals to gently exfoliate, cleanse, condition and soften your skin.
                                   (Botanicals: Chamomile/Lavender/Lemongrass)
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5.0oz Aromatherapy & Milk Bath Poppers:  Drench into a milkful bliss!! Drop one of these moisturizing and conditioning bath poppers into your bath and step into a luxuriously fragrant milk bath with skin softening conditioners, natural bath oils and botanicals.
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12.0oz  Bubbles & Wine Bubble Bath $8.50ea
    Natural soaps, Moisturizing & Skin Conditioning Bath Bombs
Note: This product (Foaming bath poppers) can be custom made to the customer's liking.  Just let us know your favorite fragrance and we'll let you know if that fragrance is available to freshly make your favorite bath popper.
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8.5oz Wine Scented Foaming Bath Poppers: Escape into a decadent aroma of bubbles inspired by your favorite wine fragrance.  These wonderfully large bath bombs are incorporated with European Spa Salt and Dead Sea Salt for a more soothing and relaxing bath.
5.0 oz Aromatherapy & Milk Bath Poppers: $6.50ea
8.5 oz Wine Scented Foaming Bath Poppers : $6.50ea
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12.0oz Bubbles & Wine bubble bath: Bubbles, Bubbles, lots of bubbles! Have fun as you step into the crisp fresh scent of your favorite wine fragrance in this wine and bubbles - bubble bath.
6.0 Multi Butter Bath Bars: $6.75
Note:  These are 16.0 oz sizes most stores sell 12.0 oz size.