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Lemongrass & Eucalyptus 
Gift Set:  Soft notes of lemongrass blended with eucalyptus to relax your mind and body:  Set Includes: Body wash, body lotion, cream bath, body scrub & bath bar in grass basket: $19.99ea 
Lily & Ivy Gift Set:  Melt away in this luscious bath time favorite of Lily & Ivy as it turns your bathroon into a tranquil haven. Set Includes: 6.0oz Body wash, body lotion, 5.0oz body scrub, bath crystals, bath fizzers, eva puff in willow basket: $21.99ea
Bamboo & Lemongrass Gift Set:
Drench yourself in this revitalizing bamboo & lemongrass scented gift set:  Set includes: 9.0oz Body wash. body lotion, 5.0oz body scrub, hand soaps, sisal sponge in keepsake basket: $19.99ea
Sandalwood Natural Spa Set: Spicy Sandalwood gift set includes: 9.0oz Body lotion, cream bath, 5.0oz body scrub, bath 4 bath fizzers, wooden nail brush in keepsake willow basket: $29.99ea  
Warm Vanilla Spa Basket: Wrap yourself in this spicy vanilla basket gift set which includes: 6.7oz Body wash, body lotion, 2.9oz body scrub, 4 bath fizzers, bath crystals, loofah, mesh sponge, bath brush, puff in bamboo basket $29.99ea    
Bamboo & Sugarcane Gift Set: treat yourself to the  tantalizing scent of bamboo and sugarcane. Basket is generously packed with 7.4oz Body wash, 6.8oz body lotion, bath fizzers, body cream , puff and brush $24.99ea
Take time out and pamper yourself with one of these fragrantful bath gift sets. Gift sets are filled with many fantastic treats to help you relax and unwind after a tiresome and stressful day.  Enjoy the stimulating  scents of Lemongrass, Eucalyptus,
Sandalwood Vanilla, Lily, Lavender, Bamboo & Ivy.
Spa in a Basket:
Pamper yourself with this wonderful Honey Vanilla gift set: Set includes: Slippers, body wash, body lotion, bath crystals, massager, mesh sponge in keepsake willow basket: $34.99ea
Ginger Therapy Bath Set:
Indulge in this luxurious ginger therapy bath set which includes: Bath salts, Body lotion, Body wash, Bath soap and more.  $19.99ea
Tropical Pleasures Bath Set: 
Be swept away as you experience the delight fragrance of a warm island breeze: Set includes: Approx. 6oz Body wash, Body lotion, 7oz Body scrub, bath bar in shower caddy: $16.99
Luxurious, Pampering & Aromatic Bath Gift Sets